LaughFest kicks off at Fountain Street Church, does not break attempted world record

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At the close of the event, attendees threw their crowns into the air. (2015)

By Jonathan D. Lopez – Photo Editor

The LaughFest 2015 kickoff ceremony planners once again called upon the public to try to break another world record.

This year the goal was to beat the world record for the most people wearing paper crowns. The record was set when 1,324 people gathered in Tamilnadu, India in July of 2014. Possibly due to unusually cold weather, only approximately 500 people made it to the event hosted indoors at Fountain Street Church.

LaughFest has broken four world records previously at the opening event. Last year, 1,675 people set the record for most people wearing sunglasses in the dark. In 2013, 1,532 wore fake mustaches to set the record for the largest amount of people wearing fake mustaches at a single venue. In 2012, 607 individuals set the record for the most people wearing animal noses at a single venue. In 2011, 925 rubber chickens were tossed around downtown Grand Rapids to beat the previous record of 265 set near Boston.

Despite not reaching the goal, the attendees were entertained with a night full of dancing led by Live.Dance.Move.

Additionally, funds were raised by selling LaughFest merchandise and donations. All proceeds went to Gilda’s Club which supports families impacted by cancer. For more information on LaughFest, visit

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