GRCC yoga, a beneficial class to students who take it

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Yoga student and computer science major Tye Daley

By Omar Vasquez-Chavez – Collegiate Staff

Need to relieve some stress from your classes, have a better mindstate or just relax from the outside world?  Well yoga is the answer for many students who want to receive the benefits from it. Yoga is a way to relax and find peace with yourself. While many students do not know exactly how yoga works or do not feel like yoga is right for them, students are encouraged to take the class.

“Yoga is for everybody, said Jodi Gee, Associate Professor of Exercise Science. “Anybody can do it.”

No one needs experience in order to enjoy the benefits of yoga. There are many benefits that come from taking yoga, such as increased flexibility, increased athletic ability, a clearer mind, and decreases stress and depression.

Social work major Celina Garcia and classmates warm up before the hour long class in the Science Building.Nathan Bidwell | The Collegiate Live
Social work major Celina Garcia and classmates warm up before the hour long class in the Science Building.

“They don’t know what it is,” Gee said. “If you ever wondered what yoga is, then take it.”

The main purpose of yoga is to relieve your mind and help the stress that builds up inside of someone. “It gets you into a calm, stable state.”

Many students are skeptical at first, but once they start taking yoga, most are glad they took it and view it as life changing.

A typical class of yoga would start at with dim lights and calm music. There is no use of technology during this time and students then focus on themselves and shut the outside world through various exercises. The students also slow down and connect with their mind. There is a final meditation to end the class so the students can be more relaxed and less stressed.

"Yoga is good for the soul, namaste." -Haily MaksymowskiNathan Bidwell | The Collegiate Live
“Yoga is good for the soul, namaste.” -Haily Maksymowski

“Many students go from Yoga 1 to Yoga 2,” Gee said. The benefits of yoga really helps the students and it is enough to bring them back to take yoga again.

“Every student on this campus should experience it,” Gee said. Yoga class is encouraged for students that want to relax, connect with their mind, and a better quality life. Think about taking it and receiving all the benefits from the experiences of yoga class.