Business Cafe Series to help with marketing jobs

Business Cafe Series to help with marketing jobs

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The Business Cafe Series will help business major students. - Rachael Yadlowsky

By Gabe Galligan – Collegiate Staff

Grand Rapids Community College students who are interested in business or could use guidance on topics related to careers in business, advising, transferring and more may be interested in the Business Cafe Series.

Sessions are centered around open, themed discussions with a GRCC Business faculty member about things such as careers in marketing and management, entrepreneurship, transfer resources, etc. Located at the Business Tutor Lab in 201 Cook Hall, the series welcomes busy students to drop in at any time during a session for however long they’d like and enjoy some free coffee and snacks.

“The series runs both Fall and Winter,” said Mariah Williams, APSS, Business Department. “The professors pick the topic (something they are passionate about and/or know students will benefit from) and a time that works for them.”

Upcoming session themes include “FSU 3+1=4 you!” on Oct. 11 from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. and “I Want to Major in Accounting: Now What?” on Oct. 19 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

During the “FSU 3+1=4 you!” lecture, Professor Jeff Spoelman and representatives from Ferris State University will discuss the many business programs at FSU as well as the 3 + 1 agreement between GRCC and FSU which allow students to finish their associate degree, take the third year of courses at GRCC and then finish their bachelor degree at FSU.

Spoelman said any student considering FSU as one of his/her transfer options for a Business Major should attend.

For the “I Want to Major in Accounting: Now What?” lecture, Professor Richard Barnhart will offer guidance to students planning on getting an Associate of Business with an accounting major at GRCC as well as those planning to transfer to a four-year school to complete their accounting education.

For a full list of dates for the Business Cafe Series, click this link.