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  • Ford Fieldhouse and its fitness benefits

    By Carla Villasana- Acosta – Collegiate Staff Among the available facilities at Grand Rapids Community College, the Health Club offers students a place to work out right on campus. Located in the Ford Fieldhouse, the Health Club is available to all students and faculty free of charge. It includes a weight room, cardio room, basketball court, pool, and indoor track. Community members can also […]

  • USMNT meets expectations at 2014 World Cup

    By Zachary Watkins - Collegiate Staff The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicked off on June 12 with a game between Brazil and Croatia. The Brazilians went on to win 3-1, while the United States Men’s National Team needed to wait until June 15 to start their World Cup run. In order for the cup to be […]

  • 2014 World Cup: Top highlights, lowlights, and finishes

    By Zachary Watkins – Collegiate Staff The 2014 FIFA World Cup commenced on June 13 in Brazil. As with every World Cup, there were a myriad of top moments, some good, some bad, along with some fantastic goals.  World Cup Highlights 1. German Dominance If not for the sweltering heat and humidity in Brazil, The […]

  • Fill out your bracket like a pro

    Fill out your bracket like a pro

    There is not much of a science to making a perfect March Madness bracket. For the most part it’s just a little luck and going with your gut feeling. However, it would not be a bad idea to brush up on your tournament history to see who has the best and worst track record in recent history. You might also want to keep up with the stats of not just your favorite teams, but get a feel for most of the teams in the tournament.