Student Alliance E-Board: Searching for new student alliance members

At Thursday’s Student Alliance executive board meeting, several students discussed finding potential candidates for new Student Alliance member along with the upcoming Kidney Walk....

Exam week and summer restaurant hours

By Riley Scheffler - The Collegiate staff Grand Rapids Community College’s on-campus restaurants, Heritage, Raider Grille, Quiet Cafe and Art & Bev's Bistro, have updated their...


Violett Beane Q&A: Speedster, Actress, and Home Cook.

“Truth or Dare” is Blumhouse’s newest horror flick. The story puts several college friends on one last getaway to Mexico, as they take part...

The inside look of a dual-sport athlete at GRCC

By Andrew Schau - Collegiate Staff The life of a college student is a busy one. The life of a two-sport athlete in college is...

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GRCC music department to host concert doubleheader

By Matt Meyle - The Collegiate Staff Tonight, Grand Rapids Community College will be hosting two concerts in the Albert P. Smith Music Center featuring...
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