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Paul Levinson to present at the library Fake News event

Paul Levinson - Courtesy Art

The Grand Rapids Community College Library will be continuing it’s Fake News series by welcoming Paul Levinson, author of “Fake News in Real Context” on March 20.

Levinson is a professor of communications and media studies at Fordham University in New York. Along with teaching, Levinson is also the author of non-fiction works including “New New Media” and is an award-winning science fiction writer, podcaster, musician and songwriter.

In “Fake News in Real Context,” Levinson provides numerous examples of mistakes and falsity in reports in both past news reports and in more present news reports as well as in photographs.

During the discussion, Levinson will be discussing the issue of fake news in social media and in mainstream media as well as providing tips and tricks on how consumers can identify fraudulent information.

“We live in an age of unprecedented danger for freedom of expression and therefore our democracy,” Levinson said via email. “Not only has fake news seriously polluted our news stream, but we have a president who labels any unwelcome or critical reports of him and his policies as ‘fake news,’ thus undermining the public’s confidence in all news, and perhaps laying the groundwork for an unconstitutional crackdown on the free press. I thus very much look forward to talking about these issues and challenges to the students of Grand Rapid Community College. The future is in their and every student’s hands.”

The GRCC library staff is excited to have him present to students.

Dr. Levinson has a remarkable list of accomplishments,” said Library Circulation Specialist Toni Harrington. “And we are very excited he is taking time out from his busy schedule to speak with us at GRCC.”

Levinson’s presentation will take place on the second floor of the library at 1 p.m. Refreshments will be provided and attendees can pick up a copy of Levinson’s “Fake News in Real Context” while supplies last.


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