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Surviving a NBA game as a girlfriend that hates sports


By Anna Creagan 

This Christmas I decided it would be really cute to get my boyfriend, Alex, tickets to see his favorite basketball team, this was until I realized that I would probably have to go with him. Since we met, he has always been vocal about his love for the Boston Celtics and is not shy about sitting in my parents living room screaming at our TV about how they missed a goal or whatever. I have never cared about sports but quickly became a Celtics fan because green is my favorite color. Despite most of our dates getting interrupted by the need to get to the nearest TV on game day, I try my hardest to make his interests mine. 

As my boyfriend’s best friend, he would not accept the fact that he could bring someone else with him to the game, so on February 6, 2023, we got in the car and drove to Detroit to see the Celtics play at Little Caesars arena…eight hours before the game started. I thought that we would get there around 5 p.m., have dinner, get to the game a couple minutes before it started and leave at half time. I didn’t realize that he would want to show up to the arena two hours early to just look around. 

It was his Christmas present, so I let him have a little bit more control of the day then I would have liked (bad idea) and we showed up to the arena at 5 p.m. after an early dinner and a very, very brief amount of shopping. As I predicted, we were too early and had to wait for the doors to open in the freezing cold street (which he heavily complained about), and I was sad because we could have spent more time shopping. If we weren’t already tense, my purse was too big to bring into the stadium, which caused more tension. I was distraught because how was I supposed to know a woman couldn’t have her purse?! 

Once the whole purse crisis was solved by using the purse daycare system, we entered the stadium and he was overwhelmed with excitement and I was overwhelmed with the need to pee. The arena was really cool and there were so many cute spots for pictures. 

Being the great girlfriend that I am, I got really good seats and Alex could not stop thanking me, which made me even more confident in my gift giving skills. The game started and the next two hours flew by quickly due to the immense amount of entertainment like professional dancers and the Pistons Extreme Team. Plus, the excitement from the crowd and Alex really made the game even more special. The Celtics won 111-99 which is good because it would have been a REALLY long drive home had it gone the other way. Overall, it wasn’t a complete waste of time. I’m glad that I got to experience my first NBA game with my boyfriend and I would definitely go again if I had to. 


These are a couple of things I would keep in mind when going as a girlfriend who doesn’t really watch the actual basketball game: 

  1. Don’t let Piston fans take your picture. Wearing a Celtics jersey did not make me very popular in Detroit. When I asked a lady with a Pistons shirt to take a picture of me and my boyfriend, she literally took the worst picture of us ever. 
  2. Only go if you can legally drink. I am 18, this would have probably been a lot more fun if I could have gone to the bar. 
  3. Don’t cheer for the opposite team as your boyfriend. I thought it would be really funny to cheer for the Pistons because I am indifferent either way, and he threatened to not buy me a pretzel. 
  4. Don’t buy a seat in the middle of the row. I had to get up so many times to use the bathroom or get a little snack. Unfortunately we were right in the middle of our row and this made our exits very awkward. 
  5. Don’t let your boyfriend decide what time you get to the stadium. This speaks for itself. 
  6. Take lots of pictures. The lighting is amazing inside the arena. 
  7. Get on the big screen. My favorite part was trying to get on that big screen thing, we unfortunately did not, but it was still fun to try. In order to do this you HAVE to wear the home team’s merch otherwise they won’t pick you.
  8. Stay for the whole game. At the end Jayson Tatum took his shirt off and that was my favorite part. 
  9. Scream as much nonsense as possible. I didn’t really watch the game but when my boyfriend started yelling things and high fiving and stuff it was really fun to act like I was a sports girly.
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