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The GRCC Collegiate’s  Editorial Staff –

Editor-in-Chief – Tatiana Diaz

Contact Tatiana at Tatianadiaz@email.grcc.com


Managing/Feature Editor – Jake Goldberg

Contact Jake at jaketgoldberg@gmail.com


News Editor – Arielle Jackson

Contact Arielle at jacksonarielle7@gmail.com


Sports Editor – Mike Staley

Contact Mike at michaelstaley1@email.grcc.edu


Multi-media Editor – Najd Ayari

Contact Najd at najdayari@email.grcc.edu


Photography Editor – Karl Blessing

Contact Karl at karlblessing@email.grcc.edu


Social Media Editor – Tara Woods

Contact Tara at Tarawoods@email.grcc.edu


Faculty Adviser – Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood

Follow Jennifer on Twitter and Instagram under @CraftSanity

Contact Jennifer at jhaywood@grcc.edu if you think you might want to join the Collegiate’s staff.


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