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Athlete Profile: Drew Dunbar – Baseball


By Dana Mate
Collegiate Staff Writer

As a short stop from Hudsonville, Drew Dunbar is the typical all American boy, but his hope for the Raider baseball season is more than typical, it is idealistic.

“We have a lot of talent,” Dunbar said. “We may be young, but we’re talented enough to go to regionals, and if we can tie it all together and we can go to the world series.”

His faith in his team stems from a lifetime of playing sports in the Hudsonville area and combining that faith with a drive to succeed in all areas of his life.

At five-foot-six he may not be the menacing figure of every base runners nightmares, but his force on the field is one to be reckoned with. A criminal justice major, Dunbar plans to carry his imposing attitude to his career from the diamond.

Starting his college career at a community college in Illinois, he plans to transfer to Grand Valley State University, in his hopes to stay closer to home. Although he doesn’t have an excess amount of spare time, being close to home helps him devote that precious time to his friends.

When he isn’t on the diamond he is helping cultivate the talent of other young athletes by working at Elite Baseball and Softball and bringing others the same excitement for the sport that he feels.

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