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Doug Wabeke resigns as Athletic Director but will not leave Grand Rapids Community College


By Ariel Christy
Sports Editor

From his first day as a student at Grand Rapids Community College in 1976 to today, Athletic Director Doug Wabeke has been committed to athletics in a variety of roles.

Although he is resigning from his current position as Athletic Director Wabeke isn’t leaving the college and is looking forward to follow his interests in coaching and administration.

Currently Wabeke holds numerous positions in addition to Athletic Director at GRCC.He is a full time wellness instructor, the Department Head of Wellness, the Eligibility Chairperson, Region 12 Baseball Director and Michigan Community College Athletic Association Baseball Chairperson.

“Being the AD is very time consuming and I’m looking to do more with student involvement,” Wabeke said. “I have so many admin roles and I want to get back in the classroom with the students.”

After being a two sport athlete in baseball and basketball from 1976-1978 at GRCC, Wabeke went on to Central Michigan University and then was drafted by the San Francisco Giants where he played 4 seasons.

In his 17 years as head baseball coach he went onto lead GRCC to 14 league titles and nine regional championships.

“This place has given me tons of opportunity from my very first day when the Fieldhouse was open and I’m not going anywhere,” Wabeke said. “I have other professional things I want to do while I still can.”

Wabeke expressed interest in returning to USA Baseball and it’s national program. In 2003 he was head baseball coach of the USA junior team at the Pan American Games.

He has also served on the USA senior coaching staff throughout 1994 to 2005. Wabeke informed GRCC of his resignation in February.He will carry out the Athletic Director position until the end of the academic year.

“The timing is just right and I feel good about it,” Wabeke said. “I’m just adjusting my responsibilities and definitely not leaving GRCC.”

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