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Juliana Daukss: More than meets the eye


By Dana Mate
Collegiate Staff Writer

Tennis may be what she talks the most about, but it isn’t the only thing she knows. Hiding behind the “perfect girl next door” appearance, Juliana Duakss will surprise most people as soon as she opens her mouth.

A freshman member of the girl’s tennis team, Duakss is striving to break free from the mold she fit before attending GRCC. An honor student, she still feels the need to stand out after blending in for so long.

“I did my work and participated,” Duakss said. “But I wasn’t the loudest voice in the crowd. Now I want to lead, and leaders are the voice that’s heard.  That stands out.” An ambitious mindset for a girl who could easily get by under the radar, Duakss is leaning towards Business and Marketing at Michigan or Michigan State.

While she plans for a practical career, her warmth, and idealism shows though when she speaks about art. Whether she is creating it herself or enjoying the art available in Grand Rapids such as Artprize, Duakss doesn’t mind stealing time for it from her busy athletic and academic schedule.

The busy athletic schedule, however, is solely devoted to her college athletics. “I like playing golf, and skiing,” Said Duakss. “ I always played with my dad and older sister. When I was around 10, my parents got me into tennis, and I’ve been playing since.”

The supportive family base isn’t the only factor that made the transition from high school to GRCC so seamless for Duakss. “My team is really great,” Said Duakss. “We blend together really well which is surprising for a group of such talented as individuals.”

Kind words from the soon to be leader. We look forward to seeing how Duakss excels both academically and athletically.

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