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Police Reports – 2/1/2012


by Austin Metz


1/4/12 – A GRCC employee arrived early one morning to unlock the doors and found a man making a phone call in one of the campus offices. The employee informed the man that the phones were not for personal use and the man immediately left campus.


1/9/12 – A child had an allergic reaction while attending GRCC’s Preschool. The child had just eaten lunch when hives began to appear on his neck. Police were called and the child was treated and left with his father.

Disorderly Conduct

1/9/12 – Two students began arguing while in a GRCC restroom. The two women were arguing over a man they both knew. Police responded and the situation was taken care of.

Trouble with Person

1/10/12 – A faculty member contacted Campus Police after receiving numerous text messages from a student over Christmas break. After telling the student to stop texting, the text messages did stop.


1/17/12 – The letters “AZ” were spray painted on the side of a trash can on the DeVos Campus. Facilities were contacted to cover up the letters.

Property Damage

1/17/12 – Two students were involved in a car accident while on GRCC’s campus. The driver of one car was attempting to turn around and backed into the other car. Police responded to the scene.


1/19/12 – After hitting a curb with the car, a girl appeared to be having a panic attack. The Fire Department was contacted.


1/23/12 – A student left a backpack and other personal belongs unlocked while in the Ford Fieldhouse. Upon returning to the locker, the student reported the backpack to be missing along with the contents. The clothes appeared to have been left.


1/23/12 – A female student was on the way to class when a male student confronted her. He began verbally assaulting the woman and then physically assaulted her.

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