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The rise and fall of gasoline prices affects students


By Lizz Vensas
News Editor

Residents of Grand Rapids have gotten a break in gas prices this week, with the price per gallon dipping back under $4.00.  According to the fuelgaugereport.aaa.com, the Michigan average is about five cents less than the national average and

has gone down 13 cents in one week.

Although nerve-wracking, the ups and downs in the price of gasoline are to be expected.

According to Lisa Gloege, Assistant Professor Social Sciences Department at GRCC, the fluctuation in price is normal.

“We can expect that from gasoline,” Gloege said.  “The big concern is when the price stays consistently high.”

Gloege explained that the price we pay has to do with many small factors and the free market, including an increase in demand from china and tension in the Middle East.

“Supply and demand are what drives the price of gasoline,” Gloege said. “Not any political party.”

Shamari Edwards feels the effects of fluctuating prices.  She has worked at BP in East Town for over a year and realized one thing about her customers.

“They are always going to complain,” Edwards said.  “That part is consistent.”

Edward’s best advice to customers is to make sure you read the price on the pump carefully, and to try and keep your gas at half a tank.

Even with the price lowered some GRCC students are still struggling to get by.

“If I want to go home to see my family, I really have to think about saving for gas money,” said Shawn Orth, a Junior at GRCC.  “It was hard over the Easter weekend.  They live way over in Sturgis, Michigan.”

Ayman Cobran, a transfer student from Egypt at GRCC, said that he is stuck now only going to school and his part time job.  He just doesn’t have the extra cash to do the stuff he would normally do.

Gloege believes that an increase in the cost of gas will mean that people will look for other ways to get around.

“When gas prices go up we look for alternatives,” she said.  “Which can be a great investment in technology.”

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  1. If the price of gasoline is so bothersome to you that you need to complain – try riding the Rapid. Bus transportation can get you just as many places in Grand Rapids as driving your own vehicle. The Rapid also has a steady price to ride – $1.50 for non-students, $.75 for students – be prepared to show proof that you are a student. You could always choose to purchase a monthly bus pass which gives you unlimited rides for 31 days, it does expire after the 31 days, and then there is the 10 ride bus pass. If you do not ride the bus often a 10 ride can save you some money again the prices vary $11.00 for non-students and $9.00 for students.

    The worst thing to do is complain. Find a solution that works best for you.


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