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A Christmas Challenge…


Last holiday season, I was on a date at Olive Garden when our waiter informed us that our bill had been completely covered by the couple behind us that left just a few minutes before. Now, this is Olive Garden. It’s not cheap. Our bill was around $50. The waiter told us that the couple that paid for us simply said to have Merry Christmas and to pay it forward.

Pay it forward? Wasn’t that just some movie? And yet here in real life, a couple took the time to pay for our date during the holiday season, at a time when most people are spending money on presents for others or grumbling about not having enough. It was incredible. And I took their request to heart. Two days later, I paid for someone’s Papa John’s pizza order with the same instructions: Have a Merry Christmas and pay it forward. I’ve made it my own personal holiday tradition.

So. My challenge to everyone this holiday season is to pay it forward. It doesn’t have to be much. Just a little something for someone you don’t know. Someone you’ll never know. Someone that will never thank you. You’ll never know if they took your requests to heart. But you will know that you surprised someone this holiday season with a gift they never suspected. Times are difficult for everyone with the economy in Michigan. But you never know if your small gift could make a big difference.

Happy Christmas and pay it forward.


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