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Police Reports, 11/25 – 12/4


By Lauren Winther

Weapons Offense


A suspicious man was seen walking in and out of the Ford Fieldhouse. An officer followed the man to the Student Center, where the man identified himself as a student. The suspect said he was in the Ford Fieldhouse because he was meeting another student for lunch. The Officer was aware that the suspect had a warrant for his arrest. The suspect was hand cuffed and while searching the man it was revealed that he had a knife in the left side of his waist band. During this time it was also revealed that the man was not a current student.




While on foot patrol, an officer noticed a man sleeping in G1, in the men’s bathroom. The suspect spent 15 minutes in the handicap stall. After knocking on the door, the suspect became irritated and insisted the officer was disturbing his privacy. Through a crack in the stall door, suspect was not wearing a shirt and had a large pile of clothes on the floor. Once the suspect finished up, his name was run in the Law Enforcement Information Network and came back clear. The officer was aware that the suspect has had two previous trespassing encounters at the college.  Due to the length of time since his last encounter, the suspect was given a verbal warning.


Damage to Property


Officers were dispatched due to damage in the men’s bathroom. A custodian had advised there was graffiti in the men’s bathrooms on the first and fourth floor of Cook Hall as well as G2 Main Building.  There was reportedly paint on the walls, stalls, and stall doors. The vandalism was similar to several other instances. The custodian was able to clean up the damage.

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