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Snow day activities to fend off the winter doldrums

Photo by Lauren Winther


By Lauren Winther

No need to put your pajamas on inside out, Grand Rapids Community College has yet again closed campus due to weather conditions. With road and temperature conditions unfavorable for leaving the house, the majority of us are confined to our homes, leaving it up to our imaginations to make the most of our day off.  When all else fails, there are nine activities one can do to from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Sleep inTake advantage of the time off and sleep in. We have been given the gift of time, spend it catching up with a few more extra hours of sleep.
  2. Movie/TV marathonGrab a blanket, a cup of hot coco and cuddle up with Netflix, Hulu, On Demand or your favorite childhood cartoon. “Friday Night Lights” is an absolute must see for those of you with Netflix. Fourth episode in, and I’m already hooked.If you’re solely interested in a movie marathon, you can’t go wrong with the Harry Potter movies. I also recommend “The Hunger Games,” “21 Jump Street,” and “The Day After Tomorrow.”For all you smartphone carriers, you can download Viggle. It is an app that gives you points for watching TV; when you reach a certain amount of points you can get prizes.
  3. Photo by Lauren Winther
    Snow days are a great time to perfect your pancakes.


    Spend the day playing Top Chef, make a big breakfast, lunch or bake cookies to go along with your movie marathon. Due to the weather, baking supplies may be low and going out may not be an option; consider something as easy as no bake cookies.http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/chocolate-peanut-butter-no-bake-cookies-recipe.html

  4. Read (For leisure)With class, homework, projects and papers, many of us aren’t given the opportunity to crack open a good book. Enjoy your day by getting engrossed in another, hopefully warmer, world. I highly recommend the “Divergent” Series by Veronica Roth or “Eleanor & Park” by Rainbow Rowell.
  5. Get Artistic
    yarn bracelet
    Friendship Bracelets

    You don’t have to be an art major in order to show-off your creative side! Paint a picture of scenery or a warm tropical oasis, knit a hat or scarf, take pictures of all the snow outside and upload them to Instagram or Facebook. I’m not the most artistic person, but I spent time looking up patterns and YouTube videos on how to make friendship bracelets.

  6. Play a gameGaming has endless possibilities; you can play video games, board games, card games, or games from your mobile device. For those of you stuck inside with siblings/roommates, this is a great opportunity for some bonding; I highly recommend busting out Apples to Apples or Cards against Humanity. For those flying solo, nothing beats an arousing game of Words with Friends.
  7. PinterestHours upon hours can be spent on this infectious website (or app). Pinterest caters to a wide verity of interests, you can pin anything from crafts/do it yourself to clothing inspiration. Try searching more snow day ideas and you’ll be bound to come up with more activities, plus homemade hot coco recipes.
  8. YouTube
    Photo by Joshua Vissers
    Haunted Ruins pop-up board game

    YouTube has endless possibilities as well! You can look up your favorite music videos, fashion and beauty tips, recipes, whatever your heart desires. I highly recommend LifeAccordingToJimmy. He has a great channel. You’ll be sure to have a good laugh!

  9. Catch up or get ahead on homework

    If all else fails, catch up or get ahead on the homework you forgot about or that is slowly approaching its due date.

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