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Police Reports, March 18 – March 21


Photo by Lauren WintherBy Lauren Winther

An employee in the Counseling Center discovered that one of the computer towers in the lounge, outside of the Counseling center was missing. The IT department was contacted to make sure they did not take the tower for maintenance purposes. Campus police contacted the IT Department as well, in which they valued the computer tower at $225. Campus police checked E-bay and Grand Rapids Craigslist listings but no matches were found. The computer was entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network as stolen for any potential pawn shop matches.

A bookstore employee informed a patrolling officer that they witnessed a car run the gate in The Bostwick Ramp, level 1 the day before. After speaking to an Ellis Parking employee and watching the surveillance, campus police were able to track down the student. The next day the student met with campus police. He admitted to leaving the parking ramp without paying several times. He was charged with eight fail to pay citations equaling $138.

Officers were dispatched to the M-Tech Center after two metal grates were stolen from the docking area. Campus police contacted several metal recycling facilities in the Grand Rapids area to let them know of the theft.


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