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The Collegiate launches weekly broadcast to further expand campus coverage


Story by Jacquelyn Zeman

This semester the Collegiate launched a weekly broadcast, led by our Multimedia Editor, Clayton Cummins, to expand the coverage of events on Grand Rapids Community College’s campus, as well as in the Grand Rapids area.

The expansion of GRCC’s student media offerings was a done in and effort to give students a chance to sample broadcast media, said Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, The Collegiate adviser and adjunct journalism professor. “The reason we expanded the multi-media opportunities was to give students a more diverse educational experience that will prepare them for an evolving new media landscape that requires journalists to be able to report in multiple mediums,” Ackerman-Haywood said.

She explained that the Collegiate News Update gives students a chance to get real-world broadcast news experience while simultaneously keeping the campus community informed. “The most awesome part of this new venture is that we launched it without spending a dime,” Ackerman-Haywood said. “We were able to use campus resources and collaborate with Klaas Kwant and get studio time in the Media Technology Department.”

The role of the Multimedia Editor was added this year to The Collegiate’s editing staff to further presence online, the News Update has been a part of that as a way to better keep students informed.

Cummins said “broadcast journalism has been a passion of mine since I was 7 years old. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with some great talent at the Collegiate to help provide content for the newscast.”

Cummins was so excited because what made him interested in doing the Collegiate News Update was the fact that not many other student newspapers offered something like it. “You’ll often see separate video clips for different stories. We offer one newscast, one video, to update the viewer on an entire week of news. I wanted to transition our online video into a traditional newscast because a video is just a video. It’s boring. Having a personality (like Sarah and I) to inform campus has a much greater effect.”

Along with Cummins, several other students on the Collegiate staff have taken on guest anchor roles on the news update, including the Collegiate’s Photo Editor, Sarah Davis, who serves as a regular co-anchor with Cummins.

“Unlike Clayton, I don’t have prior broadcasting experience,” Davis said. “As the Photo Editor I’m used to being behind the camera, not in front of it. This experience does help me when it comes to things like adjusting the lighting in the recording studio.”

Davis explained that she was still learning how to use the proper tone of voice, and how to perform as a broadcaster. “Overall, it’s been really fun and is something my family and friends always foresaw me doing eventually.”

The news update comes out each Friday while classes are in session at GRCC. You can check the Collegiate website, www.thecollegiatelive.com, or GRCCCollegiate on YouTube for the update.


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