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By Kim Adams

The Bloggers

When I was a little girl, I would wait anxiously to flip through issues of Vogue or Seventeen left behind by an older cousin or family friend. I loved looking at the pictures of beautiful women styled to perfection. I thrived on seeing the different outfits, and always loved to recreate them and make them my own. In middle school, I discovered a different platform that completely satisfied my fashion needs and didn’t cost anything: fashion blogs.

I now read fashion blogs frequently and enjoy them much more than reading magazines or even watching fashion events on television. The bloggers I follow are everyday people who are dressing for work, school, or a variety of other events that are applicable to my own life. While all these girls are gorgeous, none of them are photoshopped models, which also makes looking up to them seem more practical.

I follow many fashion blogs, but my three absolute favorites are ‘The Sweetest Thing’, ‘A Spoonful of Style’, and ‘The College Prepster.’ These girls have styles similar to my own and I often create my own outfits by resembling posts they have. Being inspired by bloggers is a fun way to switch up my style and get new ideas. Using items in my own closet, I’m able to recreate looks that are similar to these bloggers, but add my own personal touches.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 1.08.05 PMThe Recreations

My favorite thing to do while reading fashion blogs is to think of different ways I can recreate the outfits featured using items in my own wardrobe. As I’m scrolling through the pages of looks, I’m always imaging the ways I could make the outfits work for my own style and for the items I already own. Being inspired by bloggers doesn’t have to cost anything, it just takes a little imagination.

The key to being able to recreate a variety of outfits is to try to always have a variety of basics in your closet. In my closet, I always have plain v-necks, long sleeve tops, and tank tops in multiple colors and patterns that I can often use as a base to go off of. I usually pick up these pieces when they’re on sale at Old Navy, Target, or JC Penney.

Along with the basic items I keep well-stocked in my closet, I also pick up inexpensive trendy pieces. I can justify spending more on a nice purse or pair of shoes I’ll get a lot of use out of, but for pieces that are going to go in and out of style, I would recommend focus on finding good deals and saving some money. Bloggers often feature “trendy” pieces, and if I have a few for the season in my closet, it makes recreating their outfits fairly easy.
When you’re recreating an outfit you see on a blog, don’t focus on the specific clothing items the blogger is wearing. Instead, look at the outfit as a whole. If you don’t have a piece in your closet that’s at all similar to the one in the outfit, perhaps consider focusing on the color scheme and overall feel of the look instead.

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