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Utah police officer shoots, kills dog leading to public outrage



By Clayton Cummins – Multimedia Editor


Clayton Cummins
Clayton Cummins

* Before you watch this video, I’ll warn you there’s plenty of colorful language. *

Citizens of Salt Lake City, Utah were outraged last month when this video appeared online. It’s this weeks “You’ve GOT to see This!”.

The video shows a confrontation with a homeowner, who identifies himself as Sean Kendall, and Salt Lake City police after they informed him a fellow officer shot and killed his dog while searching for a missing boy.

“Geist”, a 110 pound gray Weimaraner, was loose in a fenced in back yard on June 18 when he was shot by a Salt Lake City police officer who claims the dog approached him in an “aggressive manor.”

Brett Olsen, the officer responsible for the dogs death is still on duty throughout the investigation. In 2007, Olsen was one of the five officers who helped take out a lone gunman that killed five people at the Salt Lake City Trolley Square.

Kendall has hired a lawyer and as of this week, is in talks with officials from the Salt Lake City Police Department to avoid a lawsuit.

Following the shooting, multiple protests were held outside the Salt Lake City Police Department. Even a Facebook page named “Justice For Geist” has been started with over 70,000 likes.

And in case your wondering about the missing child the officer was looking for, he was found safe in his home approximately 30 minutes after the shooting.