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Editorial: The one election GRCC students should care about


It’s hard to find a reason to go out and vote for one of two rich white guys who don’t believe the same thing you do, but the race for Michigan’s Governor is not the only race on the ballot.

Voters will decide who will fill two seats on the Grand Rapids Community College Board of Trustees. on Tuesday, Nov. 4,

The major problem is most of the people responsible for making that decision are not GRCC students. A large number of young people don’t vote and many of the college’s students fall into that category. It is a sad, but true fact.

“It’s only one vote, it doesn’t matter,” is a statement commonly overheard whenever election time rolls around. The argument, “one vote does matter, it can be the difference,” is a just as popular statement.

The fact is, that both are true, but one may be more true than the other.

The percentage of elections, in American history that have been decided by one vote is microscopic. The fact remains that it has happened and chances are, it will happen again.

Voting can be difficult and made even more difficult by individuals who want to ensure the opponent doesn’t get support, by making it difficult to the point where someone would just give up.

The biggest reason why young people don’t vote is probably because they are uninformed or just don’t care. But GRCC students should care about the upcoming election, as the Board of Trustees is in charge of the decision making process here at the college.

The rise in tuition, the parking rates going up, all major decisions must go through the board.

With Margo Anderson leaving and Deb Bailey hoping to earn her seat back, this is a rare opportunity for the students of GRCC to make their voices heard.

Driving around town motorists can see signs, in the front yards of many houses, supporting the four candidates, but when if someone walked through the halls of the college the board oversees, it would be impossible to know who is even running.

GRCC’s Student Alliance and College Democrats and College Republicans are making a concerted effort to raise awareness of the upcoming election, but they are not focusing solely on the board election.

In any case, there will be a change to the Board of Trustees soon, whether that will be Bailey and her running mate, Mike Paskewicz, securing the vote or Cynthia Bristol and James Harvey, remains to be seen.

If there is one election GRCC students can’t say doesn’t affect them it is the Board of Trustees election.

Some students who are usually on the apathetic side should pay closer attention to this race, because the two candidates elected to the board will be part of the group responsible for major decisions made on campus moving forward.

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