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MSU Doctor speaks at GRCC on heart health


By Lydia Zilinsky – Collegiate Staff

Dr. George Abela, Michigan State University cardiologist, lectured at Grand Rapids Community College on Oct. 16. The event was for the Your Health lecture series in the Calkins Science Center to an audience made up of mostly students on his research regarding cholesterol in the body.  

Heart attacks and strokes are the number one cause of death in the United States. Abela has spent years researching with his colleagues in search of patterns and triggers that are the cause of heart disease.
He explained that recently he found a connection between the crystalization of cholesterol in tissue such as the eye, tendons, and in the heart. Changes in temperature directly effect this crystallization, causing blood clots in arteries. Heart attacks are more likely to occur in the morning hours.
Abela elaborated on his personal research but also gave tips for simple habits that help to avoid risk of heart atack. Change away from LDL cholesterol is important. Smoking also increases your chance of heart disease by five times.
“Changing behavior is one of the hardest things you can do,” Abela said, “Rather than judging people, help them understand and be supportive in making changes.”
Abela will continue to research as his discoveries impact the way modern doctors treat disease. His goal in his research is always to make correlations that transcend the lab and helping people daily.


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