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Police Reports for October 16

Campus police headquarters, located at 25 Lyon St. Grand Rapids, Michigan. (The Collegiate)

By Warren Sink – Collegiate Staff

Health and Safety

On Oct. 9 four children were left in an unsecured car on Bostwick. Dispatch arrived and learned the names of the children. The driver and mother were dropping off a belonging in the Science Building for her husband, and had illegally parked the car. The mother was issued a verbal warning, and the case is closed.

Health and Safety

On Oct. 9 an instructor on the fifth floor of the Science Building spilled a caustic chemical called ethyl bromoacetate in a unaccessible room to students. The instructor immediately turned on a vent, poured absorbent on the liquid and phoned dispatch of the spill. The Grand Rapids Fire Department was informed and arrived on scene, but not before campus officers, who evacuated the few left on the floor from entering the area. Three employees were sent to Spectrum-Butterworth Hospital. A hazardous materials team cleaned the spill.

Trouble with a Person

On Oct. 19 a female student in the Student Community Center called dispatch, because she saw her former boyfriend on a bench nearby. An officer arrived and the female explained that she had planned to talk to her boyfriend, who is another student, but decided that she would rather not. He had been texting and calling her regularly since the break-up a few days previous. The ex-boyfriend was taken aside by the officer and promised he would not make any contact with the female. The female in turn was told to have no contact with the male. The male showed no aggression.

Damage to Property

On Oct. 13 during the late morning, a witness phones dispatch from ramp 1 after seeing a white male in his 20s enter the driver side door of his pickup truck and repeatedly striking the sedan next to him with his door. An officer went to the car and inspected the damage done to the victim’s car along with the licences of both vehicles. The sedan was legally parked, but close to the truck. He spoke  to the witness, who told him that it looked to be done purposefully. The officer discovered the truck’s owner as a student and called him. The suspect admitted to striking the car. The victim, who was another student, was contacted. He decided not to press charges.


On Oct. 13 in the early afternoon, a Fountain Street Church parishioner reported an injury she suffered from in the Bostwick Street parking ramp near the entrance to Level 1. An officer came to her aid, but an unknown nurse had tended to the woman’s injury already. The lady got her foot caught in a crack in the blacktop and landed face first on the asphalt. The crack was reported to Risk Management.

Damage to Property

Dispatch was notified on Oct. 13 of graffiti in men’s restroom on the third floor of the Student Center. Multiple statements were written on the handicap stall, including a racially insensitive remark. Maintenance was informed of the vandalism. Cost of cleanup was $100.

Disorderly Conduct

Dispatch was called to the Subway in the Main Building on Oct. 14 because of a possible fight between a male and female student. The female’s sister was a witness and the only one of the three to elucidate the events. Her sister and the male were on each others’ phones and the male lightly touched the female’s face. She then slugged the male, telling him to “quit playing.” The male received scratches on his neck and hand from the female. She was escorted to the police department. No charges were pressed.

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