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Police Reports November 10

Campus police headquarters, located at 25 Lyon St. Grand Rapids, Michigan. (The Collegiate)

Compiled By Warren Sink – Collegiate Staff


In the evening of Nov. 3, an officer responded to a report of a male student having a seizure in Sneden Hall. The officer found the subject propped up on his left side. The subject refused to sit up or lay down. After the officer cleared the classroom, a student who is a nurse remained and helped the officer. AMR arrived and said the subject would need no further medical treatment. The father of the subject was contacted and picked him up.

Fire Alarm

In the early morning of Nov. 3, the Grand Rapids Community College Police Department and the Grand Rapids Fire Department were alerted to a fire alarm in the Applied Technology Center. When an officer arrived at the scene, fire fighters had already cleared the location. The alarm had tripped and there was no fire. The fire panel system had been newly updated.


In the late hours of Nov. 3, an officer was sent to Ford Fieldhouse. A subject was in the student locker room after hours. The officer met the subject, who was with his brother, a student at GRCC, while they were walking out of the locker room. The subjects said they were unaware that the gym was closed. The non-student was given a verbal warning for trespassing.


On Oct. 30, an officer was sent to the Calkins Science Building for a medical emergency that happened the week before. An instructor informed the officer that a student accidentally spilled sulfuric acid onto her jeans. The chemical burned through the fabric and burned her skin. The instructor immediately told the student to wash herself in the bathroom. Since the incident, the student said the burns have been healing.

Public Urination

On Oct. 29, an officer responded to the south end of the Bostwick Commons in reference to a white male urinating and looking through garbage bins. A maintenance worker reported the incident to dispatch. The officer met the subject and was informed that he was a GRCC student. The student was run through the system, the officer found he had a warrant for his arrest by GRPD. The suspect was handcuffed. The officer confiscated and threw away a half-full 24-ounce can of Busch Beer. The suspect was lodged at Kent County Jail.

Elevator Emergency

On Oct. 29, a student stuck in an elevator on the fifth floor of Cook Hall called dispatch. An officer arrived and was able to open the elevator doors enough to talk to the student. Elevator service then arrived and opened the doors. The elevator was out of service the rest of the day. Maintenance was alerted of the incident. The elevator had malfunctioned three times in the last six days.


In the late evening of Oct. 29, an officer observed a male walking from the Grand Rapids Public Library to the Bostwick Commons area. He was smoking an e-cigarette, and the officer informed the subject of the no-smoking policy on the GRCC campus. The officer confiscated an open bottle of vodka and by protocol poured the contents onto the ground and disposed of it. The subject was given a verbal warning for trespassing.