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A Holiday Outfit Guide


By Kim Adams – Collegiate Contributor

1. Casual Gatherings

The holidays are the perfect time for casual get-togethers – whether it’s cookie decorating, watching Elf with your friends, exchanging gifts with your neighbors, or caroling. I feel like I’m doing something holiday-related every day of the week during the end of November into December. Since there are so incredibly many different types of holiday gatherings, I’ve created a couple of different outfit ideas.

Personally, I like incorporating some holiday colors into my outfits to keep it festive – green, red, gold, and silver. Definitely stay true to your own style and add your own spin on the outfits.

Though it seems silly, definitely evaluate your shoe options before you leave the house (unless you plan on bringing extra shoes, then by all means wear the uncomfortable shoes for pictures and then change afterwards). Wearing comfortable boots is usually the best choice for a casual event where you’ll be on your toes for a long time. If you’re going to be outside in Michigan weather, don’t forget your mittens, scarf, and hand warmers.

2. Family Parties

If you can make a sweatshirt that explains in large print how school is going, what you’re planning on doing with your degree, and what classes you plan on taking next semester – wear that undoubtedly. Bonus points if you include a picture of your significant other on the back. If that’s not your style, the outfit that you should wear to a holiday family party is completely dependent on your family.

If your family get-togethers are more formal, consider wearing an outfit that reflects this. Stay true to your own style while keeping in mind your outfit’s audience, especially if your family is one that probably doesn’t want to see you hanging ornaments in a mini skirt. Likewise, if your family keeps get-togethers fairly casual, you might stick out even more than normal if you choose a flashy outfit. Since you’re a college student, you’re already going to be a target of discussion (see: life explanation sweatshirt idea), you don’t need your outfit to cause you to be talked about even more.

3. Work Parties

Depending on where you work, the outfit that you should wear to a work party will differ. If your work is pretty casual, use one of the outfit ideas for “dinner parties” or “casual gatherings.”

If you normally dress in business-casual attire, a holiday work party is the perfect place to show off a really fantastic outfit that wouldn’t be appropriate for everyday wear. A lot of businesses have company holiday parties where you get all dressed up and are invited to bring a “plus one” – if this sounds like your work, this outfit choice is for you.

A nice dress with tights is the perfect outfit for such an event. Don’t forget to bring a sweater along that matches your ensemble, or at least doesn’t clash with it too horrifically. Though it’s not technically part of your outfit, I’m personally a strong advocator of red lipstick during these types of parties. It’s a timeless addition to any look as long as it doesn’t clash with your outfit.

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