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BSU celebrates Black History Month


By Kayla Tucker – A&E/Features Editor

The goal of the Black Student Union at Grand Rapids Community College is to expose the college to African American culture, history, and the ‘black perspective’.

In honor of Black History Month, the BSU will be leading four events through the second week of February.

BSU Adviser Andre Davis said that the purpose of these events is bring people together through entertainment and social experiences to educate students about the black community, culture, expression, and the black perspective on the police system, love, and essentially what it means to be black.

“(The events) will empower black people, I believe, to know that their culture is being celebrated and acknowledged and respected,” Davis said. “It will also educate non-black students on what it is to be black and how we experience America and how we experience life.”

Mary Kennedy, newly appointed president of the BSU, said that she is ready for students to gain a respect for the people who paved the way in African American history.

“This is a time to think and reflect on the past and see why it’s so important to be you,” Kennedy said. “I do want (students) to take home a legacy.”

BSU will be teaming up with the Juvenile Detention Center to speak to and advise the inmates on Friday, Feb. 13 for a community service project.


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