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Dorer, Director of Student Life, headed to Hope College


By Sean P. Mulhall – Editor-in-Chief

SARA DORER HEADSHOTAfter nine years with Grand Rapids Community College, Sara Dorer, Director of Student Life and Conduct, will be moving on to Hope College Aug. 21.

Now in her seventh year at GRCC, Dorer has served in her current role for the last three. At Hope she will be taking over as the Title IX Coordinator and Compliance Officer. Just last year, Dorer helped GRCC with an expansion of Title IX, an issue that she takes very serious.

“It’s a very small piece of the work that I do (at GRCC),” Dorer said. “Here I’m a Deputy Coordinator for Title IX. As Title IX coordinator, I’ll have oversight of making sure that we’re being compliant with all Title IX training and investigations … Here my sole focus with Title IX is student investigations and training. There I’ll be working with students and employees.”

While she wasn’t looking for a new job, an opportunity presented itself and Dorer saw a chance to add more stability to her personal life.

“It was an opportunity that I couldn’t really pass up,” Dorer said. “It’s an opportunity to do a piece of the work I’m doing here and work that I am really passionate about, but I will also be able to go part time for a few years. My youngest child is going into kindergarten and this will give me a chance to be a little bit more balanced in my role of being a professional and being a mom.”

Dorer expressed a bittersweet sentiment about leaving the college that she has called home since 2009.

“It’s hard,” Dorer said. “I like the student population and the things that I do. I have a very cool job here … (and) significantly different responsibilities. Each day is really different and unique. So thats all been wonderful … It is hard to leave everybody.

“I feel very sad to be leaving the Student Life group and I will say, there is a lot of transition going on in this office. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now trying to leave everybody in good shape. It’s hard to leave GRCC. Maybe someday I’ll be back. You just never know. I’m gonna take a few years to go part time.”

Evan Macklin, Coordinator of Student Life and Conduct, works closely with Dorer and will take over some of her duties until a replacement is found.

“Sara will be greatly missed,” Macklin said. “She is someone we all aspire to be. She models the behavior of a true student affairs professional, she is respectful of others, she cares for each student’s success and she has integrity.

“Personally, what I will miss most about Sara, is that she spent a lot of time developing me as a professional. She is one of my many mentors that helped me get to where I am now, and for that, I will be forever grateful for her. The college is losing an incredible advocate, educator, and role model.”

Looking back at her time at the college, Dorer singles out one memory that sums up her experience at GRCC.

“One of the most powerful memories that I have was a day that a student was really struggling with something,” Dorer said. “It was clear to me, because of previous interactions, that something wasn’t right and I’m not sure he even understood it at the time. I was able to walk through with him to figure out what was going on and help him find the resources (he needed) … His situation could have left him in really bad shape here … He called me when he got to his next institution and said, ‘I’m here and thank you for helping that particular day.’

“Those moments are really important to me and that is a memory I will always take with me.”

Many other faculty and staff were on the move this summer. New hires have already started working. Other spots were filled with in-house promotions. Some staff members have moved on to different organizations and others retired as part of the first round of early contract buyouts. For a complete list, click here.

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