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New Student Guide to Parking and Transportation


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by Brittany Miller -Features Editor

At first, parking on campus can be a nerve-racking experience in addition to being a new student, but study these tips on parking and transportation at Grand Rapids Community College and you’ll be a parking pro within days.

I don’t have a RaiderCard, what do I do?

raidercardIf you do not have your RaiderCard, you will have to use the in-lane parking machines. With a ticket, the parking charge is $1 per half hour, up to $10 daily.

However, if you have lost your ticket and have no money on your RaiderCard, you will be charged $10 at the in-lane parking machine located at the exits of the parking ramps.

Having exit troubles? There’s a button for that!

At every parking machine, there is a help button if you are experiencing issues exiting the parking ramps. Like any customer service experience, it is important to keep your cool when speaking with the person on the other end of the speaker, even if they sound a bit cranky. You will not only increase your chances of getting satisfying help, but your kindness might make their day a little brighter.

Meter Parking

GRCC VB 217_1Metered parking spots are limited around campus but if you do find a spot, know that parking is heavily patrolled and tickets will be issued if your meter expires or if you are parking illegally.

ParkMobile App

If you run out of change, no worries. You can also use your phone and the Parkmobile app to feed the meter with ease. When parking near a meter look for ‘Parkmobile’ sign or sticker, and once you have installed and registered the Parkmobile app on your phone, enter the zone number listed on the sign/sticker to begin your parking session. Keep in mind that there is an option to receive a notification 15 minutes before your session expires. Parkmobile can be downloaded for free on Google play, Apple Store, Windows Store, Amazon and Blackberry App World. To pay for the meter through the app, you can use Visa checkout, PayPal or the Parkmobile wallet. Find out more at us.parkmobile.com.

Bicycle Racks

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There are are several bicycle racks that can be found around campus. Here’s where to find them:

  • Lyon Ramp: Inside ramp near the staff exit on Level 1 on the south end of the building.
  • Bostwick Commons: Northwest corner of level 2 at the gate off Bostwick Commons.
  • Tassell M-TEC: Near the main entrance.
  • Applied Technology Center (ATC): South side of the building near Fountain Street       entrance.
  • Music Center & Learning Center: Front entrance near Ransom.
  • Student Center: Level 3 entrance, near the intersection of Ransom and Lyon intersection.
  • Calkins Science Center: Near Level 1 entrance, southwest corner of the building.

Motorcycle Parking

If you have a motorcycle, keep in mind that parking is limited to the Bostwick Ramp, which is FREE. To park you can enter on the first level of the parking ramp, located off Fountain St., you can also enter on the top level of the Bostwick Ramp.

Bus Services: Fees

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Bus passes can be purchased at Student Life, located in the Student Center. Ten-ride passes are $9 with a valid student ID and 31-day pass are $40. Senior/Disabled services: $26 (Rapid issued verification card is required).

Bus Services: Shuttle Programs

DASH (Downtown Area Shuttle) 2015-2016

GRCC reserves 425 parking spots for students in the DASH program. The one-time fee (fee covers fall and winter semester) is $180 if you sign up by August 16, otherwise the fee will be $200 if you sign up after the deadline. Paying the fee guarantees students a parking spot for the fall and winter semesters.

Note that the DASH program also provides two buses, DASH North and DASH Hill that help you get around downtown, this is a free service for everyone not just students. These buses also happen to go right by campus.

The Silver Line

The Silver Line is a bus rapid transit that provides convenience and comfort as you get to where you need to go. It connects Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and Wyoming as well the Division Avenue area. The fee for this service is $1.50 that you will pay at the ticket system located at the Silver Line stop, just as you would do at a train station. If you would like to avoid parking fees, passengers have the option of parking at the free lot located on 60th and Division before boarding on the Silver Line. Another perk of the Silver Line is that passengers have access to free Wi-Fi while on board, which makes working on homework or checking your school email much easier. For more information on the Silver Line visit http://tinyurl.com/qefahey.

College Avenue Lot & Shuttle

A one time fee of $225 that must be paid by August 16, otherwise the fee will be $250 after the deadline date. The shuttle program provides 150 spaces at Central Reformed Church, located on the corner of College and Fulton.

The College Avenue Shuttle connects to the Main Campus between 7:00 a.m. and 6:41 p.m, using the Sneden Shuttle.

Shuttle: Main to Devos Campus

The two pickup and drop-off locations for this shuttle service are located on Fountain Street across from the Bostwick parking ramp, and Sneden Hall. This shuttle is not available during the summer, or on Fridays. Keep in mind that this bus is NOT the No. 6 Rapid bus, which takes you to Central Station. The Sneden Shuttle generally arrives every 10 minutes, however if you would like a full shuttle schedule visit http://tinyurl.com/o246xtx.

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