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Today’s town hall meeting to address condensed budget for students

(Courtesy Photo of GRCC Student Alliance)

By Kayla Tucker – Managing Editor

This afternoon Student Alliance members will discuss a proposed budget plan to accommodate a potential loss of $45,000 for student clubs and organizations.

When enrollment is down, student clubs and organizations feel the hit as well.

Each student pays a student activities fee as part of their tuition, and this money goes into funding student clubs, activities for students in various academic departments and salaries for student leaders. The fee varies on how many credits a student is taking in a semester, costing $5 for students with 1-8 credits and $10 for students with 9 or more credits. 

With last week’s enrollment numbers down 11.7 percent, and now this week only down 5.9 percent, the funding appropriated by Student Alliance has fluctuated as well.

Graham Sne
Graham Sniesak

Student Alliance Treasurer Graham Sniesak will present a budget proposal for the 2015-16 school year at today’s meeting. After the proposal, students will be asked asked to vote for or against the plan.

Here are some highlights of the proposed budget plan:

Each club will be given $800 a year, which will be a $200 difference from last year. Student leaders are now allowed to miss two meetings and still avoid being penalized, but clubs that miss no meetings have an opportunity to get an extra $50 a semester.

Student leader salaries will be cut, leaving Student Alliance with around $12,000, The Collegiate with $16,000, and Campus Activities Board with around $12,000 to pay their staff.

The Black History Month event fund will be reduced from  $3,000 to $2,500. The Global Experience Festival fund will be cut $8,000 to $7,700. The Student Leadership Banquet will go from $15,000 to $13,500.

CAB’s expenditures will decrease from $80,000 to $73,000.

Some obligated expenses that will not change include the funding of GoSeeGR and USAToday newspapers on campus and the app.

The numbers are still fluctuating as administrators have not made a final enrollment count. If this budget plan is approved, Student Alliance plans to put any extra money not allocated to a particular club into a “extra allocations” fund, where student clubs can petition for additional funds for things like trips and equipment.

Sinclair said student leaders plan to be more thrifty and encourage clubs to fundraise. He doesn’t expect students to wildly disagree with the budget plan, and if someone does, he wouldn’t know how to fix it.

“I wouldn’t know where they’d take the money out of, at this point,” Sinclair said.

Sinclair said the budget has been analyzed for the past six weeks, and considering the circumstances, “it’s pretty fair” for the students.

“Each of the programs that we have on campus are going to be sustained,” Sinclair said. “We’re going to be working at being a little bit more frugal and adaptable to what this budget is providing us with.”

Campus Activities Budget 2015-2016

Description 15-16 Budget
Roll Over 14-15 $46,000.00
Campus Activity Fee Revenue 15-16 $226,000.00
Total Revenue $272,000.00
Description Budgeted
Fixed Expenses
USA Today $37,874.00
GoSeeGR $37,000.00
Sub Total $74,874.00
Semi-Variable Expenses
Campus Actvities Board Allocation $73,500.00
Student Leader Stipends $44,000.00
Club Advisor Travel $3,500.00
Student Leadership Banquet $13,500.00
Food Pantry $2,000.00
Sub Total $136,500.00
Variable Expenses
Organization Allocations
   Academic $7,200.00
   Non-Academic $14,400.00
   Student Alliance Allocation $12,000.00
   New Clubs $1,000.00
Extra Allocation Fund
Fall 15 $2,500.00
Winter 16  
Foundation Scholarship Contribution $-
Display Magazine $9,000.00
Global Experience Festival $7,700.00
Black History Month $2,500.00
Instrumental Music $2,000.00
Vocal Music Groups $2,000.00
Sub Total $60,300.00
Total Expenses $271,674.00
Balance $326.00
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  1. My name is Brandon Sinclair and I was quoted on this article. With regards to the quote, “I wouldn’t know where they’d take the money out of, at this point,” that was said after an explanation of our arduous process of having to cut (practically) every single budget item. Since money was reduced across the board for this proposal, it is only fair that everyone shares the financial cuts together. It was after that point that the interviewer asked me a question or two and got the quoted statements from me.

    Our Student Alliance team worked very hard on this budget. In the end, it passed. There was a clear understanding of the new financial obstacle with all the club representatives and general students in the room. There wasn’t any “fixing” that we had to do, as the budget wasn’t broken or incomplete. Nor were there any complaints about the budgeted appropriations.


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