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Grand Rapids Comic Con Overview

Grand Rapids Comic Con took over DeVos Place the weekend of Oct. 18.

By Jacqueline Rzesa – Collegiate Staff

The 2015 Grand Rapids Comic-Con ended its third year Oct. 18.

According to ticketmaster, 4,165 attendees arrived on Friday, 11,229 arrived on Saturday, and 7,108 arrived on Sunday for a total of 22,502 people. If three-day badge numbers aren’t tripled to account for multi-day attendance, then 17,380 unique visitors came.

General opinion of the event was mixed, with more positive than negative feedback. Overall, most attendees appreciated the venue change, but didn’t appreciate the layout of the dealer’s hall.

Notable guest panels included a talk by Sesame Street’s Caroll Spinney, Assassin’s Creed’s Cas Anvar, and Batman’s Neil Adams. Notable fan panels included a Homestuck ask panel, a lecture on prop making, and an interactive overview of Doctor Who’s history. A few cancellations occurred like the “Hannibal the Pannibal: Who’s Hungry?” panel. Short of guest panels, most cancellations have yet to be documented on the event website or social media.

The adult costume contest began on Saturday night. The contest was divided into four different categories- Best Stitched Costume, Best Mascot Costume, Best Group and Judge’s Choice. Each category offered different prizes to the winners. A smaller costume contest for kids was hosted on Sunday.

The official Facebook album for costume contest entrees is here. Winners are labelled.

Other floor features included video and tabletop gaming rooms, and an anime room for viewing popular shows. Outside of the con, The B.O.B. launched several after parties, and The Grand Rapids Symphony performed Star Trek Live In Concert.

The 2016 Grand Rapids Comic Con will run from October 21-23. Guests for the event are already being hired.


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