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Art Club re-opening G1 Gallery in former Main Building storage area

Chris Powers - Web Editor | The Collegiate Live

By Kamilah Shepherd – Collegiate Staff

The G1 Gallery at Grand Rapids Community College is in preparation to open in December, and the art club is looking for student artists.

The Gallery, located on the G1 floor of the Main Building, is coordinated by Visual Arts Professor Steve Garrard, who has been teaching pottery, 3D design and sculpture at GRCC for six years.

“I started (the gallery) believe it or not, three years ago,” Garrard said. “We had this space here that was just a storage area and we weren’t using it a whole lot, so I was thinking it would be great if we could get the students involved with this space to display their works. The (Collins) Gallery is a beautiful, formal gallery but I wanted students to have a place that’s more casual for the students to experiment with.”

The gallery will be open to GRCC students and members of the community. The versatile 500 square foot space is able to accommodate any art form, from paintings to installations.

As the advisor of the Art Club at GRCC, Garrard has given the members a role in the gallery.

“We’re looking for artists,” Garrard said. “Anyone who wants to come down here and experiment with their work and exhibit their work.

In order to reserve space in the gallery, contact Garrard at Sgarrard@grcc.edu or the president of the art club, Harmony Nguyen at HarmonyNguyen@email.grcc.edu.


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