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GRCC to save over $230,000 with outsourced maintenance company


Third shift custodial positions at College Park Plaza and Tassell M-TEC have been eliminated and a replacement company has been hired outside of Grand Rapids Community College.

According to Vice President of Finance and Administration Lisa Freiburger, GRCC is saving more than $230,000 by outsourcing custodial work at the two buildings.

“The savings represents the difference in salary, benefits and related taxes from the amount we pay to Grand Rapids Building Services,” Freiburger said. “We paid them approximately $87,000 last year. That amount will increase this year based on the addition of the two facilities. We are estimating that amount at approximately $172,000.”

Executive Director of Facilities Tom Smith said the positions at College Park Plaza were vacant already and the college had not filled them yet. Three positions at Tassell M-TEC were replaced, two retired under the Voluntary Early Separation Plan, or VESP, and the other was moved to second shift.

GRCC outsourced with Grand Rapids Building Services for third shift cleaning at the two buildings.

“We already had them performing on campus,” Smith said, noting that the company was already working at Sneden Hall and the Administration Building. “We extended their contract for College Park Plaza and the Tassel M-TEC.”


  1. GRCC is saving money, but the Tassell M-TEC is a pit! Trash cans are overflowing. The walls and floors are dirty. Who is checking on the senior citizen husband/wife team that is “cleaning” the building?

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