Home Arts & Entertainment Marlon Wayans and DeRay Davis perform at DeVos Performance Hall for Laughfest

Marlon Wayans and DeRay Davis perform at DeVos Performance Hall for Laughfest


Comedian Finesse Mitchell opened the show in Grand Rapids March 13 talking about his daughter.

“Just had a baby, she’s 1 year old,” Mitchell told the audience. “Fellas, you learn skills like swaddling, just don’t mispronounce it because some hear swallowing.”

Mitchell then explained he learned skills like swaddling at a very young age, always “rolling up blunts.” Mitchell began talking about age and how being in your 20s is a good age because you have fun, then “by 40 you look back and are like damn, you really, really had fun.”

Mitchell stated that, “the body recovers faster after drinking,” and that at 20 you’re able to throw up and continue to party afterwards.

“By 30 you drink because you made it to the weekend and didn’t kill anyone,” Mitchell said. “(By) 40 you drink classier.” Mitchell feels like a “Jedi” now because he’s wise now.

Mitchell brought the audience’s attention to politics.

“Obama was so clean and fresh when he got in office,” Mitchell said. “After the Paris attacks he looked like Morgan Freeman.”

Mitchell then introduced fellow comedian Marlon Wayans.

“I was just in Atlanta the other day,” Wayans said. “I’m glad to be in Michigan because over there it was so hot, I’m talking slave hot. By that I mean it was so hot I started picking cotton and singing. It was so hot the white people started picking with me, too.”

Wayans also brought up politics.

“This election’s got me scared. I don’t know who to f****** vote for,” Wayans said. “Like, ay, yo, Barack can you do two more years? I liked Bernie Sanders, but he looks too much like that old guy from the Simpsons. I don’t like how he treats Homer.”

Wayans was unsure on who he will vote for, but said, “I know who I am not gonna vote for, Trump … You can’t fix America, if you can’t even fix your hair.”

He concluded his thoughts on Trump, comparing him to the Flavor Flav of white people. After Wayans’ performance, the crowd roared in applause, and then Mitchell came out to introduce the last act.

DeRay Davis opened up by talking about how he almost gave up acting and comedy a few months back.

“The powerball was $1 billion, now we’re so spoiled,” Davis said. “Like what’s up with the $150 million jackpot, what can we do with that?”

Being a parent was a main topic for Davis, mentioning how he doesn’t want his daughter to go out late and he doesn’t care if she asks to go out while her friends are around to see him say no.

“Girls out this late are prostitutes,” Davis said, adding that he’s gotten calls from parents asking if he called their girls a prostitute.

“That depends, is your daughter out right now?” Davis said.

The night concluded with all three comedians receiving a standing ovation.