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Student Alliance approves funding for annual Phi Theta Kappa trip


Student leaders at the March 3 Student Alliance Meeting approved funding for student club Phi Theta Kappa’s trip to the Washington D.C. for the Annual Phi Theta Kappa Conference.

The vote was 15-11 for a $2,500 request to help fund their trip, which will include two students and two advisers. The club is going to the conference this year since they were invited to speak.

There were numerous questions regarding the amount requested for their trip as some thought the amount was too high. It was explained that the amount requested is expected to be more than they will actually need for the trip and the involved students are paying for one of the nights out of their own funds to help keep the costs of the trip to a minimum for the Student Alliance extra allocations fund.

Veronica Beitner and Paul Doan from the Financial Aid Office presented the many options students have in repaying student loans. According to Doan, “the average student owes $29,400 in debt.” The focus of the presentation was knowing what you owe and the website nslds.ed.gov was presented as it provides a list of the various repayment options available to students.

Dean of Institutional Research Donna Kragt presented GRCC’s Strategic Plan.

The final presentation was regarding sexual assault with Kimberly DeVries, Director of Equal Opportunity Compliance at GRCC. The main topic was GRCC’s Title IX policy compliance regarding transgender rights. Title IX is the federal law that protects students from sexual assault and harassment.

“What Title IX means at GRCC is that if you have any kind of incidents like that (stalking, dating violence, harassment) whether it happened on campus, involved another student or whether it doesn’t, you can report it to a faculty member, staff member, or basically anyone of campus, they would report it to me,” DeVries said.

The topic of consent was brought up several times. Questions regarding giving consent under the influence of alcohol were brought up.