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GRCC to host Mid-America Guitar Ensemble Festival

Courtesy Minneapolis Guitar Quartet/Mid-America Guitar Ensemble Festival via Facebook

By Dylan Pelak – Collegiate Staff

Grand Rapids Community College is set to host the Mid-America Guitar Ensemble Festival from April 1-3 at St. Cecilia Music Center. The festival will feature guitar ensembles from colleges throughout the region also include a featured performance by the Minneapolis Guitar Quartet.

The Mid-America Guitar Ensemble Festival began in 1991 and is hosted by different colleges throughout the Midwest. The goal is to provide opportunities for classical guitar students and teachers to meet and exchange knowledge about the field. It also helps with networking among classical guitarists. The festival is meant to grow the culture and draw interest to the classical guitar field.

The GRCC Music Department intends to expose music students and anyone interested to higher levels of performance and learning opportunities. Music students will be able to encounter fellow students as well as mentors within the field. There will be performances by ensembles from other high schools, colleges and universities as well as master classes to increase musical knowledge.

The featured performance by the Minneapolis Guitar Quartet will be on at 7:30 p.m. April 2. The group formed in 1986 and has become renowned for their skill in performing original works as well as their own arrangements of other works. The group has had an impressive list of performances throughout the years all over the country. The concert will make these musical masters available for all to appreciate.

GRCC Music Professor Brian Morris said the festival will open music students up to a new way to look at music and provides an overall sense of community for people within the field.

“My students always love it … You just get a lot of different points of view,” Morris said. “It gives you a larger perspective when you’re included in a larger community. We add something to them and they add something to us.”

Tickets for the festival can be bought on the GRCC website on the music department’s page under the Mid-America Guitar Ensemble Festival menu. Prices vary between events.

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