Home Faces of GRCC Christopher Tyminski, 40, Muskegon

Christopher Tyminski, 40, Muskegon


“I’m a machinist, live in Muskegon now. Once in awhile we come back here. This is actually where Melissa and I went on our first date, for a walk in Riverside Park. It’s a nice day when you get to fish. I don’t use live bait, I just use lures. There’s Pike, Crappie, Bass, Bluegill, Carp here in the river. If I caught a nice Crappie or White Bass I might eat them, but mostly it’s catch and release for me. This is one of my favorite places to fish (Riverside Park). Melissa and I met online a year ago, so it’s kind of like the anniversary of our first date here at the park.”

Reporting by Jill Rothwell


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