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Jesse Ballard, Age 21, Holland


“My big dream in life is to write plays and musicals and to have them performed. My love of theater began when I was young. I always took joy in reading lines at school assemblies or presenting to the class. I auditioned for plays in middle school and early high school, but I didn’t get any parts until I was a junior in high school. I mostly did stage crew work, but my first role started as an understudy but then I got the part when the actor could not make the performance.”

“In 2014 I was out to lunch with a friend when she suggest- ed that I try writing my own plays besides just seeing them. The thought never crossed my mind, but I tried and found myself enjoying it, making it a hobby but hopefully a career someday. I am currently working on my second draft of my first two act play “Booked,” a comedy about two compet- ing theaters.”

Reporting and photo by Dawan Brown

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