Home Faces of GRCC Vy Bui, 28, Grand Rapids

Vy Bui, 28, Grand Rapids


“I work full time as an activity leader for Hope Network side by side program. What I do at work is help lead different activity groups for our participants. I lead groups such as discussion groups for brain stimulation exercise. I have a kitchen club where we prepare snacks for everyone else, crafting groups, art class, nail and spa groups. I work with participants who are between their 60’s to 90’s. I work mostly with women because we only have a handful of men that come. I love my job and I have been there for over seven years. I think I would consider this job a passion. When I first started, I wasn’t sure if this was what I wanted to do but as time went on the place just grew on me and I can’t picture my career anywhere else.”

Reporting and photo by Kevin Matienzo


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