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GRCC student wins $10,000 in scholarships


A Grand Rapids Community College honors student received $10,000 in scholarships after entering a sweepstakes sponsored by American Student Assistance SALT financial literacy program.

The sweepstakes, Share Your Way, was held for Financial Literacy Month in April. SALT is a non-profit program that provides advice and direction on financial decision making for college students.

Jessica Verbeek just finished her first year at Grand Rapids

Verbeek Courtesy

Community College. The money is to go toward her college expenses, which she is paying for herself.


“Winning this sweepstakes has been a blessing,” Verbeek said. “This year I didn’t get as much money from scholarships as I did last year, and I am also going to be taking more classes this semester. Therefore, this money will help drastically with paying for tuition next year.”

Verbeek lives at home and works part-time, making school her full-time job.

“It is amazing to think that out of all the people that entered this sweepstakes across the country that I won, and I didn’t have to write an essay or fill out a form or anything,” Verbeek said. “This money from this sweepstakes will really help me out and make the financial aspect of college a lot less stressful.”

GRCC’s Eric Mullen is the Associate Dean of Enrollment Management & Financial Aid. He said it was exciting to see a GRCC student with the SALT sweepstakes.

“We have partnered with SALT to provide these resources so our students have ongoing communication and resources on how to successfully fund their education, minimize school debt, and start their life after college on a strong financial footing,” Mullen said.

Mullen also said students have been using the SALT program on a regular basis, with 1,881 students completing 3,881 SALT modules on subjects such as personal budgeting, credit and debt management, student loans, and successful loan repayment.

“We hope students continue to take advantage of these learning opportunities, and stay in touch with our financial aid office should they have any question or need help with education budgeting, loan repayment, or any college finance related matters,” Mullen said.

Allesandra Lanza is the director of corporate and partner communications for American Student Assistance.

“We are thrilled to help Jessica unlock her college dreams. But beyond assisting one student, we’re also excited that SALT campaigns like this one are spurring peer-to-peer conversations about finances,” Lanza said. “Our research shows that too often students aren’t discussing personal finance with parents, friends or anyone. ‘Share Your Way to 10K’ sparked more than 6,500 shares of SALT’s advice and tools – an important first step in getting the dialogue started and empowering students to take charge of their money.”