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Several artists make last minute touches to ArtPrize entries

Metal tree under construction on the corner of Monroe Avenue and Pearl Street.

This week several ArtPrize artists are making last minute adjustments and putting finishing touches on their entries for the competition that begins tomorrow.

Monday afternoon Ann Arbor artists Gene Foulk and Casey Dixon were attaching lights and adding the final pieces of wire to their wire tree installation called “Invasive Species.” The tree features around 20 hanging lights.

“My original concept was a 12 foot tree, and Casey convinced me that we should make it big enough so that people just can’t reach up and grab the branches,” Foulk said.

This is their first ArtPrize entry. Dixon majored in sculpting and the two began planning the piece last Christmas.

“We want to inspire people to see it and make something cool themselves,” Foulk added.

"Triumphal" entry in progress.
“Triumphal” entry in progress. Matt Smith

Meanwhile, in the parking lot of 50 Monroe, Kipp Normand from Indianapolis was adding the final chairs to his piece “Triumphal Entry,” which is a wooden arch made of old wooden chairs and desks that he said makes layered references to Grand Rapids.

“I believe that installation art should always take the location in which it’s exhibited as part of its context,” Normand said.


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