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Podcast 3: Enrollment numbers fall this semester, heroin found on campus


Students, it feels like we’re settling in finally and hopefully everyone is getting into a routine and the parking lots won’t be so backed up anymore.

Here’s what you need to know this week in news.

Enrollment is down this semester. As of count day on September 8, a total of 14,465 students are attending Grand Rapids Community College this fall. This is a decline of 3.6 percent. GRCC administrators prepared for a 6 percent decline, so the budget is still on track.

According to the latest police reports last week, heroin was found on campus. A student reported finding a small bag that contained a powdered substance in the lobby of the M-TEC building. GRCC police responded and tested the bag, concluding that it was positive for heroin. It is unknown who left the bag behind.

A recent report by security company SafeWise named Grand Rapids the third safest college town in America behind Winona Minnesota and Charleston, Illinois. The report recognized GRCC’s campus police and their efforts including escorts, vehicle assistance and emergency call boxes.

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For The Collegiate at GRCC, I’m Kayla Tucker. Have a good week.

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