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Police Reports: Heroin Found in the M-TEC Building


At approximately 2 p.m. Sept. 1, a Grand Rapids Community College police officer was requested to recover possible drug paraphernalia in the M-TEC building.

When the officer arrived, he was handed a small baggy by a GRCC employee, who told the officer that she had been talking to a student and the student stated they had found the baggy in the lobby area of the building. There was no evidence or any leads as to who had the baggy in their possession prior to being found.

The officer then took the baggy back to the GRCC police department to be examined and tested. The baggy was small, clear and sealed at the top. Inside, there were several small cotton balls and a small piece of plastic that contained a powder. The powder was tested for cocaine and heroin. The results came back negative for cocaine, but positive for heroin.


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