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RaiderCard issues resolved Wed. afternoon

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Around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday Sept. 27 all RaiderCard transactions and deposits became unavailable at Grand Rapids Community College. The cards no longer worked in the vending machines, and any eAccount deposits were unavailable.

“I found out about the issue when the IT department called me, informing me that they were receiving calls that eAccounts was down,” said Bruné Garcia, service and technology coordinator.

Garcia added that the cause of the problem was a software issue, but the GRCC IT department “did a wonderful job in figuring out what was wrong and resolving it.”

Students did not lose the ability to use the RaiderCard machines to load funds onto their RaiderCards, and vending machines functioned with cash, as well as debit and credit cards. The main systems that were affected were eAccounts and vending from Coca-Cola and Canteen machines.

The issue was resolved yesterday afternoon. Engineers from the GRCC IT Status team will continue to monitor this service for more developments. Visit http://www.grcc.edu/status for further updates.


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