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Column: Men v. Runt

With his lewd comments about women from 2005 brought to light by the media, Donald Trump is being looked down upon by more and more people.

By Matthew Rios – Collegiate Staff

At this point if you haven’t heard what the Republican nominee for president said into a hot mic in 2005, you may want to check the roof of your house for a rock. I took offense to Donald’s words. Not because I have daughters, sisters, or nieces, no, I took offense as a man. The attitude on display in the tape offends me because the speaker calls himself a man when he is not. Donald is not a man. Donald is a runt.

Everyone knows, or knew a runt. They’re boys who never had the courage to become men in adulthood. Runts talk about having been with every woman. Around town they’re the kind that holler at a woman, and if she doesn’t respond to being called like a trained animal, he yells an obscenity at her or demeans that woman with a derogatory name. They are the ones who don’t give a damn about the word consent and consider it given as long as no one cries out “no.” They’re adults acting like idiot boys, throwing tantrums and crying for attention. The problem is: they’re adults.

Adults like Donald never stopped acting like the idiot boy from highschool. Males like Donald do not get to call themselves men. Men are boys who grew up. Men would never say the words a runt like Donald did.

Donald called the language on the tape “locker room talk.” What locker room? I imagine the one that Brock Turner, Bill Cosby and Donald share at the abhorrent club. That’s the only club where I can imagine the language being standard fare. Even among teen boys, sexaul assault is not a punchline.    

When a boy talks about girls it’s all talk. It is more about trying to impress the other boys with grandiose tales that overcompensate for the actual performance, if any performance had existed to begin with. Most boys respect girls but we’re idiots about women because we know so few of them. It is when we get to know women, that we learn how stupid we were about women. Men could never imagine talking like they did as a boy about a woman because of the respect a man learns to have for women.

All men have a moment when, as boys, they get the courage to strike up their first female friendship, or romance, and were humbled by those relationships. Knowing girls as a boy is why men respect women. Runts like Donald never take that leap or brave that chance of rejection. They never understand the respect a man has for a woman, and that for a man that respect just keeps expanding. When a man shares his love with someone as husband and a woman shares her love as a wife, a man can’t help but grow from having a partner, a better, a friend. Donald has had four and can’t man out of his runt-hood. More amazing still is that Donald has remained a runt even in fatherhood.

Nothing is more of an honor, or more inspiring than witnessing girls grow into women. Whether it’s our daughters, or nieces, women make us want to beat the hell out of our teenage self. For men nothing on this earth compares to the girls we watch become women, nothing. The reason fathers, uncles and brothers want to torture the boys who come to the door is because they’re boys. We were them once and we know how horribly stupid we were, and they are. Rest assured that if sexual assault was the everyday topic among boys, no man would ever let a boy near the women in their life. All school dances, and mixed gender events, would be surrounded by armed fathers and uncles.

Nothing makes a man more than fatherhood. Donald is a father of two daughters. If being a father didn’t bring out the man in Donald then there is not a man there to be brought out. After raising two daughters all he still sees in a women is an object. That’s not a man, that is a runt.

Men have nothing in common with runts like Donald. Runts see women and immediately see and feel their own wants. That’s why Donald cannot help but want to kiss them, he doesn’t see them, he only feels his want like a teenager with a Playboy. Boys don’t respect a magazine because it’s an object for their pleasure and that’s how runts see women. Men understand that women have personal space, just as they do, and don’t want a perspiring crusty old orange in a poorly fitted suit, rubbing his lip meat on their face. A man would never sexually assault a woman because they have the courage to earn a woman’s affections, and are man enough to ask for them. Cowards like Donald force themselves onto women because they’re too scared to earn a woman’s affection, or be told no. Donald and his kind should be seen for what they are: runt males.

They don’t represent men and men of all parties find their actions offensive.