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Review: “Drama Class” students defend their school

Poster for the film "Drama Class"

Celebration South has been screening the film “Drama Class” by Vigorous Fizz Pictures for the last week and will continue to do so until Thursday.

In the film a group of drama class students band together to retake their beloved high school from a gang of not-so-vicious yakuza gangsters, who are only in the school at all because of a rivalry between the school’s principal and their gang bosses competing traveling agencies.

The film was made on a small budget but the cinematography was well done, especially when compared to other low budget adventures into the cinematic abyss I’ve encountered.

The film focuses on the awkward teenage love interests and attraction to not only the opposite sex, but also the same sex, and crushes on faculty members. The film is complete with awkward flirting attempts and a wannabe player who couldn’t charm a hungry dog.

This film is far from serious. This is reinforced by the slapstick and absurdist comedic situations. Be prepared for over the top drama teachers, stereotypical Asian gangster villains, a brief appearance by a robot, and the unfortunate final farewell to a canine friend.
Showtimes are at 7:30 p.m. the next two days.