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CAB hosts open mic night to celebrate welcome week


By Jazmine Heggins    – Collegiate Staff

The event was hosted by the Campus Activities Board. Numerous students came to share their gifts and positivity with the crowd of about 40 people. The audience seemed to enjoy the event. One of the onlookers was Gui, a 23-year-old architecture student at GRCC from Brazil, who said he is a part of the International Student Organization and was happy to support the show. “It is great to see students coming to participate in a great cause.“

One of the hosts at open mic night, Brianna, 20 years old, a student at GRCC working towards her associate of arts said she was “too shy” to perform herself but was excited about (CAB hosting their first open mic night. “I’m very excited to see what their talents are,” she said.

One of the performers, Martin Uchendu, a 20-year old ministry student, delivered a very warm and inspiring speech about believing in yourself. Uchendu said the goal of his presentation was “to open up the people’s understanding of who they really are, to change the perspective about who they are.”

Another person who shared his talent was student Joseph Hileski, 34, a social work major. He performed his spiritual spoken word rap songs that he has been writing for 10 years. He said he was happy that he “finally finished” writing them. Hileski said his inspiration for writing the songs was studying eastern philosophy – mainly the teachings of Buddha.

“These songs are me trying to convey the message lyrically,” Hileski said. “A lot of people don’t know this but one of the Buddha’s teaching methods was through melody.”

One of the verses in his song was: “Open your mind and find, it is not limited to space and time”.

Guitarist Ben Kolk, 18, a GRCC music major, was invited to the open mic night by one of the members of CAB. Kolk graced the stage with his “old folk” music and the audience loved it.

The night ended with CAB President Ruben Resendiz playing some original songs from his band Pineapple Psychology.


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