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Police Reports 1/19

Photo by Lauren Winther

Driver piggybacks another car out of Bostwick parking ramp, driver unknown

At 4:29 p.m. Jan. 9, the Ellis Parking office called the Grand Rapids Community College Police Department about a driver gate-running on the level six Bostwick parking ramp. They pulled out of the parking lot without paying the parking fee.

An Ellis Parking officer and an officer from GRCCPD were looking at the security tapes to see if they could determine the registration plate of the car that failed to pay the parking fee. They identified the car as a black Dodge Avenger, but couldn’t figure out the registration.

There is no suspect, or vehicle information at this time with no further investigation to take place.


Man found sleeping on third floor of Student Center, asked to leave campus

At 2:16 p.m. Jan. 6, two GRCCPD officers went to the third floor of the Student Center about a man sleeping in the computer lab.

The two officers had previous contact with the man on Jan. 5, where the man was noticeably intoxicated.

When the two officers arrived to check out what was happening, the man was awake and aware of what was going on. The two officers talked with the man and explained to him that if he was not a student and was not registering for classes, he would be arrested and put in jail for a repeated trespassing violation.

The man cooperated and was escorted off campus with no incident.



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