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Actors’ Theatre presents “Hand to God”

With Hand to God's edgy script, David Dekens and Madeline Jones exchange banter on the topic of Jason's mother.

By Amy Wheeler – Collegiate Staff

From Feb.16-25 the Actors’ Theatre, 160 Fountain St., will be featuring the play “Hand to God.”

The play is about a boy named Jason who lives in the small town of Cypress, Texas. He is trying to get over the death of his father with his puppet, Tyrone. Tyrone takes on a dangerous personality of his own. Jason struggles with getting over his father’s death, trying to keep his relationships with the town pastor, his mother, and the girl next door, even dealing with the school bully, until it is unclear whether Tyrone has a mind of his own or if Tyrone is Jason’s way of dealing with his emotions.

“I’m so absolutely proud of everyone’s hard work in Hand to God,” said Michelle Urbane, director and Spectrum Theater Manager. “It’s been a pleasure to direct.”

Tickets are $22 for students and seniors and $28 for adults.

You can purchase tickets online.

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