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GRCC meditation and prayer space now open for use

The nearly empty room offers a distraction free space for students to relax, meditate or pray.

The Office of Student Life and Conduct at Grand Rapids Community College has created a new space for the GRCC community to enjoy. The new meditation and prayer space, according to Director of Student Life and Conduct Lina Blair, will hopefully encourage wellness and inclusivity.

Blair described the 13-by-25 foot space as “simple.” The space is located at the southeast corner of the main floor of the GRCC Library and Learning Commons, and shares a partition wall with a study space of the same size. She added that it has a “bench, coat rack, and an open-faced shelf.”

Blair said while the non-reservable space will primarily serve students, it’s open to staff and faculty members as well.

“It is open during library hours to anyone who wants to meditate, pray or reflect quietly on their own,” Blair stated in an email.

During last summer, a group of students approached Blair and explained to her why they felt it was necessary to have a prayer space. They had been praying in hallways and open classrooms, which was not working out well for the students’ intended purposes.

Blair said they asked other students what their opinions on the idea was, and they were “not only supportive, but excited about the idea.”

Blair said the college spent approximately $33,000 to create the space.

Blair added that the space is being funded by the Office of Student Life and Conduct, as well as The Office of Dean of Student Affairs, Student Success and Retention, and the library and Student Alliance.


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