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Phi Theta Kappa nominated for 7 awards at national conference


By Jazmine Heggins – Collegiate Staff

Grand Rapids Community College’s Phi Theta Kappa honor society has been nominated for seven awards at the annual PTK convention.

“Phi Theta Kappa has different pillars….scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service, so through the convention you kind of do those different things,” said Lynnae Selberg, PTK faculty adviser and program director.

“The two main things that we are doing is, our college project and our honors and action project.” said Morgan Brown, PTK president.

“The college project is something the college wants done, and then we take on the projects, develop it, work it, and finish it for them,” Brown said. “The honors and action project is where we find a projects and then we connect it to the honors topics.”

What qualifies Phi Theta Kappa for their awards are all of the projects that they take on throughout the year.

“You can get anywhere from a one star to a five star chapter based on the things that you have to do over the course of the year,” Selberg said.

The chapter raised $1,000 for the trip, and the rest of the cost is coming from their savings and from an extra allocation from student alliance. Phi Theta Kappa has been five star chapter for the last two years. This year Phi Theta Kappa is nominated for the following awards: Distinguished Chapter Officer Team Award, Distinguished Chapter Advisor Team Award, College Project Award, Honors In Action Project, Distinguished Chapter Award, and Top 100 Chapter. Also this year, GRCC President Steven Ender will be honored with the Michael Bennett Lifetime Achievement Award, a recognition given to retiring college presidents. The national conference is April 6-8 in Nashville, Tennessee.


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